When Can A Child Ride In The Front Seat

When Can A Child Ride In The Front Seat? All children want to travel in the passenger seat because in addition to enjoying a better vision, it makes them feel older. But the law dictates that they cannot do it until they exceed 135 centimeters. There are only three exceptions in which an occupant of fewer than 1.35 meters can travel by car in the front seats:

  1. When the vehicle does not have rear seats.
  2. When all the rear seats are already occupied by other minors of the same characteristics.
  3. When it is not possible to install all child restraint systems (CRS) in the rear seats.

In addition, the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) recommends that minors continue in the rear squares using child restraint systems until they reach one and a half meters in height since the CRS reduce deaths among minors by 75% in a traffic accident and 90% of the injuries derived from them and if you want to buy a used car in Kenya.

How to properly seat children in child seats

The British organization Child Seat Safety recently revealed that two out of three children do not travel correctly and safely in the car. And these are not only cases in which the mandatory chair is not used, but also errors that can have serious consequences in the event of an accident. For example, this study claims that the majority use inappropriate or improperly secured restraints. At stake, a 75% reduction in the risk of death and 90% in injury, according to the Spanish DGT. To make sure your little ones travel safely, just follow a few simple rules.


The “seat” must be approved and be suitable for the minor according to their height and weight. It is not only age that determines which type to use, but its weight and measurement. According to Javier Luzon, head of Seat’s Vehicle Safety Development department, “it is extremely important that the right group seat is used “.

The Spanish firm has chairs from the different groups, approved according to the latest European regulations, known as i-Size. You have to be careful, on the other hand, with the inherited, second hand, because after a long period of time the materials tend to deteriorate and may not guarantee the original protection. After an accident, they must also be replaced.


The rear seats are the safest, so this is where children should ride. Although the passenger seat is enabled to place child restraint systems, it is only recommended to use it on very rare occasions. In these cases, the airbag must be disconnected.


It is important to read the instructions for the chair carefully to install it correctly, and then check every trip that it is securely attached. The simplest and most comfortable method is the Is fix .

Correct anchoring


Children often wear their harnesses that are too loose, which may even remove their arms, which could have serious consequences in the event of a collision. Harnesses should be taut and as tight as possible to your body. One trick is to try to pinch the tape. If possible, they should be adjusted a bit more.

It is important to check that the harnesses are well attached


In the event of a head-on collision, a baby’s neck is not prepared to support the weight of its head being propelled forward, so the seats in groups 0 and 0+ are designed to be placed only in reverse. It is mandatory to extend this position to at least 15 months, and it is possible up to 1’05 meters in height.


Commuting from home to school accumulates the highest number of risk behaviors. 37% of drivers acknowledge having taken them on some occasions without a seat. Others let the older ones fasten themselves, without checking if they have done it correctly.

It is mandatory to use the seat whenever you travel by car


On trips of a few minutes, children are often left with their coats on or even with their school bags on their backs. They are elements that increase the slack between the belt and the child’s body and can make it difficult for the harness to function properly.


Luggage and objects on the seats or in the rear tray can become projectiles in the event of braking or collision, so it is best to store everything in the trunk.


Consistency between what is said and what is done is an essential requirement for education, also in road safety. The belt is mandatory for everyone and children will imitate the behavior of their parents because the example is worth a thousand words.


In the event of an accident, and whenever possible, children must be taken out of a wrecked car in their seats. Except for imminent risks, never do it in your arms as it could cause a serious injury.


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