Top Apple Watch Series 6 Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Top Apple Watch Series 6 Tips and Tricks You Should Know. Since its release in September, the new Apple Watch Series 6 has created quite a stir in the market. And why not? The combination of the WatchOS7 software and the brand new features of the new Apple Watch 6 is a powerful one.

The 6th iteration in the series of Apple Watch comes with a lot of notable upgrades and a plethora of unique features that make daily life easier. Only, you’ll have to know how to use them.

New functions like blood oxygen level calculator and a brighter always-on display and a range of other features promise to make the Apple Watch 6 the best smartwatch available in the market. So, if you are using an older version, it could be time to sell Apple watch and grab hold of this newest version that offers some really interesting improvements.

Here, we have rounded up a list of features of the new Apple Watch Series 6 that will help you to make use of this smartwatch to the fullest extent. So, read on.

Fast Charging Support

Unlike the previous models, Apple Watch Series 6 comes with fast-charging support for high voltage chargers. This will help you to charge your smartwatch superfast. A 50% charge will take about 40 minutes and a full charge of about 1.5 hours. However, no third-party chargers are coming with these charging standards, at least for now. So, the best way to take advantage of this fast charge feature is to use the stock charger that comes with the Apple Watch.

Brighter Always-On Display

Apple Watches have been sporting “always-on” displays for the past couple of series now. What’s changed in the new Apple Watch 6 is that the display has got 2.5 times brighter. This enhancement goes as an effort to make things easier to read at a glance, especially outdoors.

If that’s not enough, Apple has made other improvements to the always-on mode and you can now directly access the Notification Center, tap on complications, and open up the Control Center without having to wake up the display.

Activate Siri with Wrist Motion

With the new Apple Watch 6, no more do you have to unlock the Watch and say “Hey Siri” to give commands. You can now just raise your hands and the wrist motion will get automatically detected and Siri will know that it’s all right to start listening. This new feature is super-handy and super-intuitive.

Always-On Altimeter

The new Apple Watch 6 comes with a new, more powerful altimeter that provides real-time elevation data. It’s far more accurate than the previous versions and can also take data from GPS and Wi-Fi networks. This new altimeter is also more power-efficient. So, now you can get real-time elevation data as a complication on a watch face or as a workout metric one piece filler arcs

Measure Blood Oxygen Levels

The Apple Watch Series 6 comes with a new blood oxygen monitoring sensor. There’s also a Blood Oxygen app that you can use to monitor your blood oxygen level. However, to use it, you have to first set it up. You will find this option in the Health app under Respiratory Information.

New Theater Mode

Under some situations, the light and noise from your smartwatch can be unwanted. Apple has addressed this issue and included a Theater Mode which you can activate and it will keep the screen dark until you manually activate it again.

Or, if your Apple Watch suddenly starts making noise when it is not wanted, like during important conversations or in a meeting, you can simply cover the watch up with your hands and it will sense it and stop doing anything.

Handwash Detection

Handwashing has become an important activity lately and the new Apple Watch Series 6 comes geared with sensors and algorithms that can periodically remind you to wash your hands. This handwash detection feature makes use of sensors and has a 20-second timer. Whenever you wash your hands it detects the sound of running water or hand movements and if you stop before 20 seconds, it will send you a quick vibration to remind you that your 20 seconds are not up yet and you should probably keep going.

Apple watches have always been about brilliance and with the new Apple Watch Series 6, things just got a nice little punch. With an array of added features and functionalities, this new smartwatch is surely the best that is available in the market. So, if you have been using an older version, you can now sell Apple watch and bring home the brand new Apple Watch Series 6 that is sure to make your life a lot easier.

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