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Birthstones are marvelous stones exhibiting a lot of traits. These attributes have been gathered since ancient times. Astrological knowledge also supports the characteristics of the stones. For example, Aries Birthstone is for those persons that are born on the dates 20 March to 19 April of each year.

Aries Birthstones have appealing characteristics to adorn oneself for an event. If you are with enough money in your pocket, we suggest you have mineral gemstone for your engagement and wedding jewelry. Diamond jewelry makes your life events more memorable.

A myth is roaming in the society about the color of the diamond. Most of the people with less knowledge always consider that Aries Birthstone Color is only white. But it is false as it is discovered in all-natural colors. Among natural colors black diamond is very rare.

There are people in the society that use the Aries Birthstone to own the potential features of the gemstone in their personality. You will read variable traits of the same stone in various nations and cultures of the world. But there are common attributes discovered in the diamonds.

Common Attributes of Aries Birthstone

All women of the world love to wear Aries Birthstone as the stone dishes up high rating tone and lavish to the jewelry. Wearing diamond jewelry is a sign of pride and dignity in the society in which they are presently living.

In the past, warriors prefer to wear diamonds when they set off for any competitive battle. According to their observation, diamonds radiate energetic rays that stimulate their blood. They feel supernatural energy in them with diamonds. Further, it purifies their blood and saves them from toxic particles.

Diamonds are considered positive thoughts stimulators. Moreover, they develop brain energy that can overcome the stress and negative feeling in one’s personality.

Studies and observatory knowledge about the gemstone have revealed that it is a stone that cures various organs of the body like kidneys and stomach. It also develops cognitive energy in the owners that are assisting the individuals to overcome the fears. It also promotes intellectual energy to go high in the professions. It is a stone of love and affection. It generates the spirit of love in the relations and makes them more energetic and powerful.

Diamonds dish up a practical, mature, and upright approach towards the problems of life. But the owner should monitor the growth and orientation of their ego.

Diamond has a very high refractive index. It inherits properties of reflection, refraction and dispersion. Because of these characteristics, it acts as a prism.

What is the Difference between a Gemstone and a Birthstone?

Birthstones are associated with each month of the year and they can be used in any field. On the other hand, gemstones are given a proper shape to use in jewelry for ornamentation. We can say that gemstones are specifically used for ornamentation.

What is the difference between Synthetic Diamonds and Mineral Diamonds?

Synthetic diamonds are the stones that are prepared in laboratories. But mineral Aries birthstone exists beneath the earth hundreds of miles in depth. Mineral stones are formed at very high thermal changes. About 80% of the diamonds can’t be used as gemstones. Natural diamonds are with less clarity as they have birthmarks. There are very fewer birthstones that are free from inclusions and blemishes.

Use of Aries Birthstone in Industry

Besides ornamentation, Aries Birthstones are used in the industry. The application of this stone in the diverse field of life is explained in the coming paragraphs

It is one of the hardest stones in the world. Because of this characteristic, it is used for drilling and cutting. It is the best stone that is used for mining purposes.

Synthetic diamonds are heat spreaders, so their application in electronics is increasing rapidly. According to Moor’s law, electronic components are shrinking their size but their efficiency is increasing. In this phenomenon, a lot of heat is liberated. But the electronic components made of diamonds are the best remedy for this heat increasing issue.

In the medical industry, Aries Birthstones are used to diagnose and cure cancer disease. Today dermatologists are curing facial wrinkles with diamonds in powdered form. Further diamonds are used in the process of skin exfoliation.

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