Phone Booster With Anti-virus Scanner

What are phone boosters? There are typically Android cleaning applications like One Booster, AVG Cleaner, Clean Master and etc. How cleaning tools become phone boosters? Because cleaning and managing apps on Android helps to boost performance. The main function or target of phone boosters is to bring lost phone performance back. The only way to do that is by cleaning junk and managing processers and apps.

In-play store you can see many Android cleaning applications for free. Only a few cleaning applications come with a free and effective virus scanner. One of them is “One Booster”. One Booster can clean all your device junks to bring performance and free storage space. It has many other features apart from junk cleaning like a virus scanner.

One booster is available on many Android app stores like Play Store, Aptoide, Filelinked, AC Market, and AppVN. Below listed some of the main features of this application. Feel free to download this application using your favorite app store and find all those features.

Features of One Booster APK

Junk Cleaner – You can’t remove junk manually. Because there is a high chance of deleting the system or wanted file. Deleting wrong files may brick phone or either installed apps. Therefore, make sure to use effective junk cleaning tools like One Booster. One Booster can remove junks like residuals, caches, apks files, download files, caches, and other unwanted data from social media and messaging apps, and many more and i’m feeling curious.

Antivirus – Unlike other cleaning tools, this feature is completely free to use. This can scan and protect your device from viruses, trojans, malware, and provide protection to protect your privacy. This is not a just virus scanner. It was certified by TRUSTLOOK in order to provide better mobile security.

Boost Mobile – This is a one-tap feature to boost device performance. When you want to run your favorite / current application or game at max performance use this. This will close all opened apps and processers to free up RAM and CPU.

Battery Saver – There are many running applications and task that consumes battery power. Many of those apps are unnecessary. You can find the power-draining applications and close them. Hibernate services and processers that drain battery power even without using the phone. Those steps will help to have a longer battery time.

CPU Cooler – This is also called a phone cooler. Because when the phone is hot, you know that CPU temperature is high. High CPU temperature will indicate that the CPU runs at full speed under stress. Reducing the CPU workload or stress will bring CPU and phone temperature down. Use this “CPU Cooler” feature on the One Booster app to reduce CPU workload.

You can install this application on Android TV boxes, Fire TV devices, and Google TV too. Because Android TV boxes have a very little amount of internal storage. Having a cleaning tool like Clean Master, One Booster helps to manage internal storage nicely.

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