How can solving question papers boost your JEE mains preparation?

Exam preparation is always one of the essential things for all people, irrespective of their ages. The joint entrance examination (JEE) is a competitive exam that is moderately a bit difficult to score when compared with other exams. Preparing systematically and smartly until the final exam day can help to achieve excellent marks in JEE. It depends on a student how/prepares for the exams. 

For the preparation of JEE mains examination, students can make use of study materials for reference. Solving previous years’ question papers can give an idea of how to write the answers to score the marks, and also, students will be aware of the pattern of questions. BYJU’S solved JEE Main past question papers are available for reference, and it is one of the best study materials which the subject experts have done for the students who are preparing for JEE exams. There are many ways to plan and study, and here are some tips for that.

Practical preparation tips for JEE examination

There are many tips and tricks included in this article for adequate preparation for the JEE exam.

Ensure that the JEE main syllabus is complete

The first thing to get notified of is your syllabus and chapters according to the subject. Ensure that all the topics are covered and, if not, start with the left chapters and try to understand the concepts clearly. It must be the first task you should do.

Identify what your weak point is.

By accessing yourself, you can find the weak points in you. If you are not good at speed writing, try to solve as many as question papers you have and make a time management plan for each question provided. If you have experience writing the previous exams, it gives you an idea of what went wrong. So start preparing for that particular point.

Master concepts and solving problems

A clear understanding of the concept doesn’t make any problem for the exams, whereas a small misconception can lead to a big problem. Ensure that you are a master in all subjects like physics, maths, etc., which needs more logic. Maths subjects are a little harsh, and practicing more question papers can help gain more speed and accuracy while writing exams.

Keep practicing the question papers.

Make short notes on concepts that you have learned. Keep on revising the topics and concepts again. Don’t get tired of being learning the same. 100% confidence should be there for scoring good marks on the upcoming exam instead of being lazy and thinking of past examinations. 

Take proper meditation

Proper meditation is vital before going for the exam. Reduce overthinking and minimize the stress so that a fresh mind should be there for a new start. Drink water, have a proper diet, and exercise as well. 


Each student who will write the upcoming JEE exams or any competitive exams must follow these techniques or tips. A JEE main candidate can appear in one or more sessions, and the best performance out of the four sessions will be considered for the final merit list of 2021. JEE Main 2021 February question paper with answers is now available on the BYJU’S website for further reference. It helps in knowing the pattern of questions and can be easily solved.

Show the best in you by preparing well for the exams. Take utmost care while writing exams by reducing tension and being panicked. Work hard and stay determined. Success will be in your hand.


All the best


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