5 Computer Trends Including Laptops That Everyone Will Love

Are you looking to boost your work or school efficiency this year? As a student, an employee, or a business owner, computers are at the heart of what we do. Love it or hate it, our time and energy revolve around them.

And when computers are working well, we don’t mind having to use them all the time. But once our laptops or desktops start causing problems, we are ready to toss them in the trash.

Do you find yourself tied to your more often than not? Then you’d better check out these top computer trends for the year.

Staying up to date on trends, the best computers, and keeping your technology running smoothly will make you a much happy camper. So what are the computer trends 2021 has in store for us? Keep reading for the top five.

1.Staying Updated

One of the simplest ways to make computers more enjoyable to use is by keeping them updated. But even in 2021, a lot of people ignore their computer’s need to update their software.

Or they will neglect individual apps, keeping older versions on their computer. But our computers will only function efficiently when they are updated regularly. Outdated software can be slow and potentially lead to viruses and other problems.

Let this be the year where you commit to staying updated. It will lead to a lot less frustration if you do.

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2.Better Web Cams and Mics

For countless millions of people in 2021, your work is still taking place remotely. This means a lot of time is spent on video calls with your team, your boss, or your clients.

In order for this to become less of a burden, the webcams and microphones on laptops must get better. On most laptops, the webcam and mic are an afterthought.

They are meant to function for short and sweet calls to your grandparents. They aren’t meant to conduct professional meetings that can sometimes last hours at a time.

It can be incredibly frustrating trying to communicate with team members about a project and not be able to understand them due to a poor quality microphone. 

We also need webcams to be much higher-quality, as many people are having to give physical presentations over a Zoom call. Without a quality camera on your computer, the feed is going to be blurry at best.

This doesn’t lead to a productive remote work environment. And given that many consumers, whether they work from a laptop or not, are communicating more through their computers, higher quality hardware is needed on all levels of computers.

For example, many are having to rely on using telehealth services, use Zoom for job interviews, and communicate with friends and family whom they can’t see in person. We expect cams and mics to improve on consumer-grade laptops in 2021.

3.Laptop Trends 2021; The Do-Everything Gaming Laptop

In the US alone, there are about 244 million people who play video games on a daily basis. And about half of all gaming takes place on PCs.

It takes a high-quality gaming computer to play modern video games, with graphics, speeds, and multiplayer functionality demanding a lot from a computer.

But more and more gamers are opting for a gaming laptop as opposed to a desktop or tower. That way, it can serve as a multifunction device.

Rather than buy a strict gaming desktop, dropping a ton of cash on a machine that can only do one thing, users want versatility. The best laptops for gaming in 2021 are also the best for work and school.

They come equipped with tons of memory, power, and speed. And because gamers can also use these game laptops at school or for work, they’re willing to spend a bit more money on them.

Gaming is one of the most demanding uses for a computer. So if you purchased a gaming laptop that can handle modern video games, it can handle most of what you’ll ever need to do on a computer.

4.Flexible Laptops

Not everyone needs the most powerful gaming laptop. Many others would prefer a unique, flexible laptop that can function how they want.

Modern laptop designs are breaking the mold these days. Some offer the option of disconnecting the screen from the keyboard. This gives you the ability to create your own setup, wherever you are.

At home, you might set the screen on top of a box or laptop stand so that it’s at eye level, preventing neck strain. Your keyboard can then remain on the desktop itself.

On an airplane, or in another tight space, it might mean having your keyboard on your lap with the screen on the table.

There are also laptops that have screens that can rotate 180 degrees. Most standard laptops can only rotate about 120 degrees, meaning your computer can’t be flat.

Many people enjoy a 180-degree screen so that it can lay flat on their laptop while they read, work, or browse.

5.Customized Screen Settings

As people are spending more time on screens than ever, they need to have more control over the amount and type of light entering their eyes.

Too much blue light from screens can cause eye strain, eventually leading to poor vision and even eye disease. It can also negatively affect sleep and contribute to depressive symptoms.

The problem, however, is that we usually have to use screens daily. People who work on a computer are staring at screens for eight or more hours per day.

Computers in 2021 should be coming standard with light settings allowing you to limit blue light and other harmful rays when necessary. That way, even though computer use remains high, it can be less damaging to the eyes and mental health.

Staying Ahead of Current Computer Trends

With each passing year, our dependence on computers continues to grow, both for better and for worse. Every aspect of society is moving towards digital, which is convenient.

But it also means we spend a lot of time looking at screens. Computer trends for this year are all about making computers work for us. Giving us greater flexibility in how we use a computer and how computers affect us.

The technology we see released this year and in the coming years should reflect this.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our blog for more articles like this.

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