Why You Can’t Seem to Balance Work, Personal, and Social Life

How much of your time is left for yourself? Do you have enough hours in the day to get plenty of sleep? And what about your performance at work? Do you get everything done in time? After work, do you have enough energy to catch up with family or friends? Given the busy haze we’ve all been living in for the past year now, it’s understandable that you feel overwhelmed and think that you have no time left.


But you do. You’re just not choosing to use it productively.

The mindless social media scroll


If you actually took the time to evaluate your phone usage for the day, you’ll be surprised by how much time you spend mindlessly scrolling on your phone. There are apps or built-in features in your phone now to tell you which apps are the biggest offenders, and how much you’re spending on them. Take this data to change your habits and free up your brain from that mind-fog. Rather than spending your mornings at work conditioning yourself to start working, dive straight into it by putting your phone in an inaccessible location. Leave it in your room to charge or hide it under your desk. You’ll be surprised by how much you get done when you’re not always fiddling with your mobile device.

The aspirational work mode

Some of the channel types on the rise today on YouTube are geared towards productivity. And they are great, because they offer tips on how to calendar block your schedule or how to schedule your emails to serve as your reminders throughout the day. They even help you build your own digital planner–from scratch. The problem is that this search for the ultimate productivity hack may be taking more time than you actually being productive. Limit your access to these channels and watch their content only after you have accomplished your biggest tasks for the day to truly embody that work mode. They will still have the tips to set up your aesthetic work calendar or to take notes efficiently even after 6PM when you clock out.

The lack of a self-care stopping cue

When we’re faced with too much toxicity at work or among our circle of friends, we were told it’s best to walk away and be kind to ourselves. Back when self-care was just on the rise, a lot of people realized they didn’t need to deal with the problems they were putting up with. The problem with the overuse of self-care is that now, it has become an excuse to not get out of one’s comfort zone.

Your boss is giving you additional tasks to do in preparation for your promotion, but you tell yourself you deserve better and so you slack off. Helpful products like face mask online shops sell in hundreds of variants have become a staple in the self-care arsenal, but many don’t think about their purchases with a clear intention. Yes, that face mask is helpful, but is that bath tub even going to fit in your bathroom? The lines have become blurred on which forms of self-care are good and which ones are just wasteful and expensive.

A lot of things may be going on in your life right now, but how many of them are unnecessary? If you can drop unimportant tasks that are not urgent, do so. Then, use the free time you gain to spend quality time with yourself, your family, and your friends.

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