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Best 10 Strategies to Use Social Media As a Recruiter Tool

Social media is everywhere, you cannot escape from its reach. No matter in which or what industry you are in, what business you are involved in, social media plays a vital role these days in every business type.

Have you ever wondered why your client base is so less? Why can’t you attract more clients? So here is your answer: a large part of the world’s population is online and is on social media. If you want to grow your business as a recruiter, you have to have social media strategies so you can attract more clients to your business. As a recruiter, your job is to find a good candidate who is looking for a job and get them placed in the company that is looking for a potential candidate.

The importance of social media in the recruitment business is growing at a great pace, as per research more than 92% of recruiters use social media to fill their job vacancy with the best candidate for their job position, even candidates go online to find the best job opportunity to meet their talent and capability. Social media recruiting is a marketing recruiting strategy where you connect to attract talented candidates on a digital platform. visit here for top c-level recruiting not just means reaching out to candidates but also means having a good connection with them, having regular contact, and getting their attention.

Your Online Reputation is Important

Social media has an uncountable number of benefits, you should just know how to use it. With the correct mix of social media tools and information, you can create an outstanding post and get more people. Your online reputation is very important, try to make your status and image very clean so more corporate are attracted to you. Any person, whether a fresher or an experienced candidate would like to work for the right company, where he did not need to make any compromise for their ethics or belief. They would expect a good working environment and would want a cooperative environment. 

Create an image that would incline more and more candidates toward it. Choose the right social media network and by using the correct social media tools you can get potential candidates that are looking to be part of a good company. The best platform is LinkedIn especially for recruitment purposes, but there are other social media sites too, like Facebook or Twitter you can also go there and try to build a good image of a company.

Using Video to Reach More Candidates

After you have created a good image of a company, it is important to stay in touch and engage more and more candidates. Although you can post a simple Gif or a photo it is always suggested and preferable to create a video post. It is supposed to be the most effective form of interaction and engagement of candidates. You can give the message more beautifully and in a short time, you can convey a lot of messages that a simple post could not. Also, it is believed that the human brain can process more visual information than text, and videos not just play with candidate attention rather it also convinces people mind to pay more attention to a video post content. 

Creating a video does not mean creating anything random it should be contentful and informative. You can use a live video feature on any social media site to connect with more people and interact with them. You can share your experience or can create a good image of your company. You can also host a Q&A session that will help people to know more about leading senior technical recruiter.

Sharing Your Social Media Post

The use of social media is all about making your post reach more and more candidates. You can use any tool, you can take the help of anyone to spread the post to the right candidate. You can also take the help of employees, who have their own network. This way you will be able to share your post more widely. And you will get more recruitment drives, ask your employees to share it on their social media platforms, also try to follow your social media policy to tell your employees what they can do and what they can’t. Don’t let it damage your company’s reputation. Ask them to personally send you to post to a potential candidate If you want to get the best possible result. You will get better results especially if your employees have more connections.

This strategy may sound a little different but is very effective as you are not just sharing the post you are trying to widen the reach of the post, even if your one employee shares it with 10 or 20 of his connection, your post will be widely shared and there are most chances to get the experienced and most talented candidate who can fit for the job role.

LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is considered one of the most suitable social media platforms, It helps the recruiter to find the most talented and suitable candidate for their company. As per the research, 87% of recruiters believe that they have found a suitable candidate for their company. LinkedIn is a specialized platform for recruiters and top talents. It is important to maintain their LinkedIn profile, so they could attract more companies and candidates. 

It is also important to participate in LinkedIn groups to get a recent update about the job vacancy and about the trend in the market. If you are an active participant of a group you will find your talents and related jobs more easily. Such information can help you get your work done easily. LinkedIn groups are about the power of networking, you can easily identify the top talent you can join the specialized group, and take active participation.

Stay Active On Social Media

LinkedIn is considered the most useful social media site, especially for recruitment. It is used for hiring and finding a suitable match job vacancy but it is not the only social media site available, there are plenty of other social media sites too where you should stay active because you never know from where you might get the right candidate. Different social media platforms tend to attract and appeal to a different group of people. Use a few analytical tools to identify which group of audience is attracted to your post on various social media websites and try to engage in most of the social media. Look for a broader picture and stay active on other social media to like Snapchat and YouTube. You may find more talented and capable candidates on social media sites.

Quality Content

Apart from everything else, your content is the king. You should create the most accurate content that is relatable and attractive, it should focus on a particular group and Be designed as per that, You Should not just put random things on your social media accounts your content tells a lot about you. Try to make your post unique and interesting in its way. The post could be anything, a video, a guide, a blog, images, gif, or anything else, it should not be very lengthy and should have some information through which your target audience could relate. You can connect to the target audience through various ways but it is used in the relevant content. Your social media tools are still considered a very good way of connecting with your candidate, there are various social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, you can post content on them, and using the right tool, You Can attract more candidates to the company. Do not forget to follow a good social media policy.

Social Media Advertising

You can also consider using various marketing tools available to grow your client base and track your progress in the industry. There are various marketing tools that are recently trending in the market. You can take the help of these marketing tools to get a better result in your business. 

You can go for content marketing, email marketing, or business analytical tools to track your business progress.

Use Of Right Hashtag

Using hashtags has become a new tool for getting more reach to your social media post. It is a very powerful tool and it can increase your post reach. You should decide your hashtag very carefully, try to research the hashtag that you will use, also remember that the hashtag should not be very popular or widely used. As it will become invisible in the vast competition, also your hashtag should not be less used as it will not help you increase your visibility. 

Try to make your personalized hashtag, it gives your post a target audience. Try to invent new hashtags. Make an effort to be innovative with your hashtags, your business and what you want to attain from them. It is highly important to do a Quick Search on the trending hashtag that should be relatable, it is also important to focus on meaningful and relevant content to accomplish your Goal. Don’t overuse your hashtag it will ultimately make your post look unprofessional.

Engage Your Candidates

Don’t feel shy to be the one who messages first, give a direct message to potential candidates, get them involved in your activity, start a conversation and give it a direction. Talk to them about their needs and the job that they are looking for. Also tell them about the company and the benefits of being connected to you. 

Just don’t post anything random, use interactive posts, and don’t overload them with information, try to be more connective and put posts where they can interact and get more interested to take part in. 

It is very important to keep your top talent engaged, There are various tools through which you can establish good connections with the right people. Try to add potential candidates in the Talent cloud, You can also give them video calls or share relatable content directly. Personalized chat gives them more confidence in your company and gives you the opportunity to interact with experienced and talented professionals. You can take the first step, don’t wait for them to approach first. Your social media is just an extended branch of your company, try to provide the a true picture of your company and don’t mislead them

Use Of Social Media For Checking Candidates

Yes, a candidate has given his details on his CV, but you can also use social media to keep a check on them. A person is more real on his various social media than what he portrays on his CV, With the use of social media you can find more about a candidate by looking at his activity and by checking his post online. But it also does not mean spying on someone’s privacy it only means you check the originality of the candidate.

There are various websites like Facebook, Linked In, Instagram, and Twitter. You can go on any social media site and get tons of valuable information from their account. You can learn more about their professional background, their understanding of the field and their ethics. It can also be helpful in checking if the information provided by them in their CV or interview is true or is it just made up. In this digital world, it is not easy to hide from social media it can tell a lot about you, The information that you obtain from a candidate’s social media account should not be treated officially but it can be used to get a better understanding of the candidate’s background.

Social media recruiting may take some time to get the target audience for the correct job role but you should not lose hope and try to stay focused and dedicated to finding the best candidate utilizing social media strategies can help you improve your quantity and quality of candidate it is absolutely worth putting your time and energy in implementing these strategies also social media strategy should not be taken lightly I should be well planned and well thought but you can implement and less time to get more reach and mode candidate social media can be used for establishing good relationships with a candidate as well as company and also clear your Agencies image you can do a check on your candidate to know if they have a good working background and also you can reach more passive candidate through social media tool.

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Sunny Chawla is a Managing Director at Alliance Recruitment Agency. He specializes in helping clients with international recruiting, staffing, HR services, and Careers advice service for overseas and international businesses.

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