A Beginner’s Guide to the Best SARMs for Sale

According to some research, 1 million Americans used anabolic steroids at some point.

While most people now know that steroids aren’t as safe for you anymore, some people may not be aware that SARMs could be a safe alternative (if cleared by your doctor).

But what are the best SARMs for sale? To find the best SARMs that you could buy, make sure you keep reading!

Ostarine MK-2866

Ostarine is one of the safest SARMs on the market, and it’s perfect for beginners who have never tried it before. This mild SARM is great for people who are just getting into weightlifting or even women bodybuilders.

MK-2866 is a SARM that mimics testosterone and how it works. However, scientists haven’t done enough research on this to really learn how it works.

They suspect that it focuses on target certain tissues in your bones and muscles to make them grow.

You can also use this either if you’re cutting or bulking. If you use it in your bulking cycle, you’ll notice that you gain a lot of muscle very quickly. Some users have said that they gain about five pounds more muscle when they use this. However, you could get even more gains if you follow a strict regimen and have a protein-heavy diet.

However, if you’re going to be in your cutting cycle, Ostarine will help to break down some of your fat in order to use it for fuel. When this happens, you get better muscle definition. But the Ostarine will also help to protect your muscles and take care of them while you’re cutting.

Some users also report noticing that they have better energy levels, better bone density, and balances in their cholesterol levels.

While you should consult with your doctor for proper dosing, many people take about 15mg per day. They will also cycle this SARM for about eight weeks. If you take more than what your doctor recommends, you could end up suppressing your testosterone.

Some common side effects of this SARM include diarrhea, headaches, or nausea. However, this will happen if you take a higher dosage of it than you actually need.


The S-23 SARM became popular after it was suspected to be a possible alternative for male birth control. It temporarily made men infertile, but once they stopped using this SARM, their fertility went back to normal.

However, when women took it, they had a better libido (especially during menopause), less muscle loss, and better bone density. In fact, many researchers suggest that this may be a safer alternative to testosterone for women.

There need to be more studies on this SARM in humans, especially for sports to see how it can actually help improve muscles. Researchers do know that S-23 can bind to androgen receptors in your body, which helps your muscle make more proteins and bulk up.

These receptors will also send signals to your bones to make sure that they bulk up as well. The SARM will also help you lose weight as well.

Sometimes when you go on a diet, your body will start breaking down muscles to get more energy. However, the S-23 will make sure that your muscle stays intact while you’re shedding away the fat.

Some fitness experts say that they take about ten to thirty milligrams per day. If they’re new to SARMs, they’ll take a lower dosage to see how their body reacts to it.

Testolone RAD-140

Testolone RAD-140 was made to increase muscle mass, boost your mental awareness, and improve your stamina.

This is one of the newer SARMs for sale online, but many fitness experts say that they love using it.

This SARM was created originally to help treat breast cancer, but then they discovered that it helps to prevent muscle deterioration. So if you’re trying to bulk up, Testostolone can help you achieve the gains that you need.

With the extra stamina, you’ll also be able to do a longer workout without getting tired, which can help you see even more gains!

Because this SARM can be very strong, you should only take small doses of it in the beginning. But because it is so strong, you’ll also need to take a supplement to help post-cycle. This will help to balance out the rest of your body and make sure that the SARM doesn’t harm you.

There still needs to be more studies to find out how well it works and if it’s safe to take. However, some people have only taken this for about six to seven weeks and gained anywhere between eight to twenty pounds.


When you’re looking for SARMs for sale, you may come across MK-677 as well. However, it’s technically not a SARM.

It’s normally listed as one though because it behaves in a way that’s actually very similar. It will help you get gains while you’re training, but instead of attaching to your androgen receptors, it will focus on your growth hormones and another kind of receptors.

By doing this, it will raise your growth hormone which can help to improve your muscle gains, improve your energy, and increase your appetite. While all of this is happening, it will also improve your metabolism because your energy will be higher.

That way, you will be able to burn off all the extra fat to reveal your strong muscles. However, while you’re cycling this, it won’t mess up with your testosterone either.

In addition to all of that, it can also help you keep your skin clear, improve your muscle recovery after a workout, or have your healthier hair.

A lot of people may also use this with other SARMs, but you should talk to your doctor before you do that. Many people dose this between 10 to 25 mg a day.

If you take too high of a dosage, you could experience side effects like an increase in blood sugar, higher appetite, being more tired, and retaining more water.

Ligandrol LGD4033

Ligandrol is a very powerful SARM, so if you’re a beginner, you shouldn’t use it because you may experience serious side effects. If you do take this, make sure that you take a low dosage and monitor how you feel after you take it.

If you experience side effects, you should stop taking it. The side effects to watch out for are things like headaches, water retention, suppressed testosterone, nausea, and headaches.

You can use this if you’re in a bulking or a cutting phase, but it’s more popular when it’s a bulking SARM. Some users have said that they can put on between eight to thirteen pounds of muscle mass.

However, you’ll still need to make sure that you’re working out a lot and eating a diet that is high in protein. If you take this while you’re in a cutting phase, it can just help to preserve some of your muscle mass.

A low dosage might be around 5 mg per day. If you don’t have any severe reactions, you can keep cycling this for eight weeks.

Andarine S-4

Andarine S-4 is one of the earliest SARMs that was recognized to help boost the amount of muscle mass people had. It worked like a steroid, but it only worked with androgenic receptors, making it a better alternative to steroids.

It was created in Japan, but then another company took it and developed it as a research medication. While it was originally developed to treat osteoporosis, muscle degeneration, cancer, and prostatic hypertrophy, it’s now used by many athletes and bodybuilders.

It can help to not only increase your muscles but also helps to get rid of your fat. This makes it a great SARM that you can use for your bulking or cutting phase. It can also help to repair your joints and muscles, which can make you ready for another workout.

Some people have also reported that it improves their sex drives.

If you’re a beginner, this may be another great SARM to consider as it isn’t as potent as the other SARMs. It also doesn’t have as high of a half-life. It also doesn’t aromatize in your body. That means you don’t have to worry about it releasing estrogen, retaining water, or creating a cardiovascular disorder.

Some people take about 25 mg to 30 mg a day for five days a week. However, you should never take more than 40. Also, make sure to take at least two days off or you could start to experience serious side effects, like vision loss.

They cycle it for about ten to twelve weeks, and they’ll see about ten to twelve pounds in gains after each cycle.


YK-11 is one of the best liquid SARMs for sale on the market. However, it’s actually not a real SARM, but it gives you a similar result.

While SARMs will interact with every androgen receptor, the YK-11 picks and chooses which one. This will help to inhibit a protein that will hinder your muscle growth. Since that protein is blocked, your muscles are allowed to grow while you’re working out.

YK-11 was actually created to be a stronger form of testosterone and creates more follistatin, which is a muscle-building protein.

This isn’t an anabolic steroid, so you won’t see a lot of gains in a few days. However, if you use it consistently with a good diet and a good workout routine, you’ll start to see some gains.

You’ll also lose muscle, have better bone health, and less pain. Since it regulates certain proteins, your bones may also grow new bone cells while you’re taking this.

Some bodybuilders recommend taking between 10 to 15 mg per day of this, but you should make sure that you speak with your doctor as well.


Since this functions just like a SARM, many gymgoers and bodybuilders use this to help with:

  • Fat loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Stamina
  • Cardiovascular performance

While it doesn’t have the side effects that a SARM might have, it won’t give you as dramatic of gains that the steroids would give either.

When it helps to burn fat during your cutting period, it will also protect your muscles from catabolism, so you won’t lose all of the progress that you had made.

You should only take this SARM in very low dosages, especially if you’re new to taking SARMs. Some people only take about 10 to 20 mg per day.

The half-life of this drug lasts anywhere from ten to twenty-four hours. If you’ve taken it and feel like you need more to keep sustaining your muscles, you may want to take it twice a day.

Some bodybuilders have also taken this in addition to other SARMs, like Ostarine or Andarine. While there have been no serious side effects in humans yet, there were some trials where mice had started developing cancerous cells.

When you first cycle this drug, you may also experience headaches as a common side effect.

Learn More About the Best SARMs for Sale

These are only a few of the best SARMs for sale online, but there are many more to choose from.

Make sure that you always talk to your doctor before starting any type of medication or supplement. We know that there are a lot of supplements out there, but we’re here to help you find out which ones you should take.

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