A Basic Guide on the Different Types of Car Accidents

In the United States, over 200 million licensed drivers take to the roads. This creates a lot of opportunities for accidents to occur.

Though you always hope to avoid accidents, sometimes you cannot. Read on to learn about the different types of car accidents and tips to avoid them.

Single Car Collision

Some car accidents occur with only one vehicle. They typically occur when the driver loses control and hits an object other than another car.

This may include trees, light poles, construction equipment, or animals. Even if you do not hit another vehicle, you should still call the police. Often you will need to pay for the property damage, and you should always report an injured or killed animal.

Multiple Car Collision

A multiple-car collision involves two or more vehicles. Sometimes two vehicles collide.

Other times, one accident can cause a chain reaction. You may even see a pileup. Call an accident lawyer as the insurance and legal situation can get complicated in these instances And one piece filler list.

Fender Bender

A fender bender can happen in all sorts of ways. In this type of accident, people usually do not sustain any serious injuries.

One or more cars may or may not receive damage from a low-speed tap. Sometimes you cannot even tell that the vehicles hit one another.

High-Speed Collision

A high-speed collision can occur with or without speeding. When a car driving over 30mph crashes, it is considered high speed.

This type of collision can involve only one, two, or multiple vehicles. Injuries often occur in high-speed crashes because the force of impact jars the body and objects may hit people involved.

Head-On Collision

When two vehicles collide while facing one another, they create a head-on collision. These types of auto accidents may happen while passing, driving the wrong way, or due to intoxication.

These accidents often result in serious injuries, especially when they occur at high speeds. Contact an accident lawyer after this type of accident. Get more information on how they may help you.


A T-Bone accident occurs when one car drives straight into the side of another car. Hitting the driver or passenger door can seriously injure a person sitting in the seat near impact. It may even lead to death and definitely requires legal help from an attorney.

Roll-Over Collision

Sometimes cars end up on their sides or tops after an accident. This is referred to as a roll-over collision.

A rollover typically happens in a high-speed accident, but may also occur at a steep incline. Sometimes T-bones also result in a roll-over.

Preventing Common Car Accidents

Prevention saves money and lives. Take simple steps to keep yourself out of an accident.

Never drive while intoxicated from alcohol, drugs, or medications. Exhaustion can lead to accidents as well. If you feel sleepy, stay put or let somebody else drive.

Keep distractions to a minimum by putting your cell phone away and keeping your eyes on the road. Obey all traffic laws and use defensive driving.

All Types of Car Accidents Require Help

All types of car accidents require a lawyer. Even little ones may result in injury and/or property damage that people may choose to sue you over. Or, you may deserve compensation.

Looking to answer other legal questions? Check out the law page of our website!

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