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Go Beyond the LED Light Strips With These Lighting Tips and Tricks

Go Beyond the LED Light Strips With These Lighting Tips and Tricks

Did you know that light strips are one of the hottest social media trends right now? Because of their popularity, there are many great tips and tricks for changing up a space.

Whether you want to light up a space for form or function, or both, you’ve got many options. Read this brief guide for some great tips and tricks on making the most of these lighting ideas.

1.Electroluminescent Lighting vs. LED Lighting

For the longest time, LED lights were the most popular form of lighting strip around. You can still find plenty of these lights in demand, but they’ll soon lose popularity for a few reasons.

Even though LEDs are better than old-fashioned string lights, EL lights are even better. EL light strips are electroluminescent, improving on everything LED does.

Ellumiglow lights are brighter, last longer, and are more eco-friendly than traditional LED lights. They’re also more durable than LED strips, which break and bend when twisted too much.

2.Create Custom “Neon” With EL Light Strips

Because EL wiring is more durable than LED lights, you can get a lot more creative with them. Normal neon signs are expensive and consume a lot of energy. If you’re interested in more affordable, eco-friendly neon dupes, read on.

EL lights are more flexible so that you can make your own neon signs. All you need is a plastic poster, drill, EL light strips, and electrical tape. Design your shape and follow a guide to make your own neon sign.

3.Make Your Own Storm Cloud Ceiling

One of the reasons EL light wires are trending on social media is because of the creative possibility. The biggest trend on TikTok involves cotton batting and EL lighting. You can set EL lights to flicker or run along the circuit.

With the right shade of lighting and cotton “clouds,” the light looks like a lightning storm. Put it up along your ceiling to create your very own rainclouds (without any of the indoor water damage). Talk about creating a one-of-a-kind ambiance.

4.Glow In the Dark With EL Strip Lights

Did you know you can put EL lights on your clothes, hats, backpacks, and more? Some of the coolest dance videos use this technique for unforgettable choreography. EL’s durability and longevity ensure tons of crafting potential.

You can outline a hat, hoodie, or backpack to find your things in the dark easily. Or, if you’re really into neon style (without the cost or heat), you need electroluminescence. Just imagine the possibilities for your style and future music videos.

Discover Even More Bright Lighting Ideas

These tips are just a few of the ways you can use LED and EL light strips to your advantage. There are tons of options out there to improve your living spaces.

Check out the rest of our content for more lighting ideas. You’ll find there’s no end to how creative you can get.

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