How to Save Money on Prescriptions: 5 Simple Tips

Americans spend around $1,200 per person, per year, on prescription drugs. With such extreme costs, it’s no surprise that many people struggle to pay for their monthly medication.

Are you wondering how to save money on prescriptions? If so, you’re not alone—many Americans face the sad dilemma of whether to buy food or buy medicine with their paycheck. 

Luckily, there are a few ways you can save at the pharmacy. To learn more, keep reading to find five helpful ways to save money on your prescription medicine.

1.Ask About Generic Options

Saving on prescriptions can help if you switch from a brand-name drug to a generic one. These are the same products, but generic brands are almost always cheaper.

Talk to your doctor to make sure it’s ok to switch, then tell your pharmacy you prefer generic—this can lead to massive savings.

2.Order Online

Many people don’t realize that they can order prescription meds online, as long as they have a valid prescription from their doctor. Online pharmacies have lower overhead costs, which means they can pass some savings onto the customer.

Even better, you can also order from Canadian pharmacies, which are even cheaper. For example, on this page you can learn more about Spiriva prices and see how much you could be saving.

3.Compare Prices

To find cheap prescriptions, it helps to compare prices first. Give a phone call to a few local pharmacies and ask about their pricing, checking if any special discounts or coupons are available.

By shopping around, you can enjoy additional savings.

4.Shop in Bulk

Instead of filling a prescription for 20 pills, see if your doctor will write you a large script, if it’s for a medication you use daily. This is because it’s often cheaper to fill prescriptions in bulk, rather than in smaller amounts.

It works out cheaper per pill, so this could be an option for you.

5.Can Your Doctor Offer Samples?

Here’s a tip—many pharma companies offer free samples of their medicine to doctors, so they can pass it on to patients.

Next time you visit your doctor, it never hurts to ask if they have any samples to share. This is particularly true if finances are tight, as most doctors understand the high costs of pills and will do what they can to help out.

Learn How to Save Money on Prescriptions With These Tips

Now that you know more about how to save money on prescriptions, use these ideas to save money. Although prescription costs can be a burden, it’s possible to save—it just sometimes takes extra time to research deals or find special offers.

If you’re really struggling, it might be worth exploring other options for health insurance or seeing if you qualify for Medicare or Medicaid, as this can provide access to lower prescription costs.

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