5 Web Design Tips For a Stunning Site

Did you know there are over 1.8 billion websites online? To catch the attention of the web’s traffic, you need to make your site stand out. But do you know how that is done?

Surprisingly, it is not through adding multiple features and dazzling visitors. Read on as we give you five web design tips for a stunning site.

1.Prioritize Speed

Slow websites do not attract or keep visitors. You have probably experienced the frustration of waiting patiently for a site to load. The truth is that most people will just go elsewhere. 

Not only does this dissuade users from using the site, but it also impacts your SEO. How quickly people leave the site is known as your bounce rate. If people are not sticking around, it shows search engines your content is not relevant or of quality.

2.Use the Three Click Rule

One website design tip that helps increase usability on your site is the three-click rule. This states that visitors should be able to find any part of your website in three mouse clicks or less. This stands for everything, from products to contact information. 

By implementing this, you will drastically increase customer satisfaction. Nothing is worse for a visitor than going around in circles on a website, searching for an answer.

3.Use Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy is one of the easiest web design tips to help make your site look clean and tidy. In addition, it facilitates reading, keeping people on the page. Most great websites will employ this in some way. 

It starts with having larger items and text at the top of the page. As the page goes down, less important text and images are presented in smaller forms. This means the most important information always gets noticed first.

Ever seen a website that accepts guest posts and uses author boxes? How about a website that puts up under-construction pages whenever necessary? Those sites are successful ones. Allow your site to achieve that by following their example.

4.Concentrate on Branding

People need to know that the website belongs to you. A lot of that is down to keeping your branding in mind when you create a website. You should have already gone through the basics of color theory when deciding on a logo, and this should feed into your choices. 

Make sure your logo is front and center as soon as people land on your homepage. You can use this banner maker online to assist.

5.Optimize for Mobile

Most people now do web searches on their mobile devices. That means to get solid traffic; you need to design your website for mobile as well as a desktop. 

Responsive design is a website design that adapts to fit different screens. Images resize, as do fonts and headers. Without this, websites can be very tricky to navigate on mobile devices and cause problems for site visitors. 

Web Design Assistance

Web design is not easy. In fact, even with these expert tips, you may encounter problems. Do not be afraid to get assistance from a professional when designing your site. 

If you enjoyed our article, visit the rest of our blog. With everything from web design to SEO, we can help you thrive in the digital economy. 

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