Technological Advancements of Sports and Fitness Can Benefit Everyone

Technology has helped revolutionize many different industries. Specifically, the fitness and workout industry has seen massive improvements from the development of technology. Companies that make such products as Mirror, Tonal, Tempo, and Jaxjox are a few of the leaders in the fitness industry that have developed high-tech sports and fitness equipment. There are many publicly held fitness companies as well, such as ETR ADS

It also goes beyond professional athletes. The average person can take advantage of the technology that is used in the fitness and sports industry. Here are some of the ways that technology has helped improve sports and fitness for all kinds of individuals.

 Fitness Apps 

Fitness apps have changed the game for individuals who love to track their workouts, diets, and general activity. The app technology in general has revolutionized so many industries, but it has increased the outreach for the fitness industry.

MyFitnessPal is a popular app that is available on all smartphones, and it is a great tool to keep track of calories that you consume throughout your day. Your diet plays a big role in your athletic performance as well as how you maintain your fitness levels. This app allows you to accurately track the macronutrients that you consume each day and allows you to see whether you are hitting your own personalized goals.

The Nike Training Club app and the Adidas Runtastic app are both examples of apps that help you track your workouts. Being able to keep track of your workouts can be a great way to reflect on the progress you have made throughout your fitness journey. These apps also provide suggestions for workouts in case you are not familiar with working out and would like some help on what exactly you should do.

There are hundreds of fitness apps out there, but they all provide you with the ability to track your progress and share it with others. Being able to track your progress and connect with others has grown the fitness industry immensely.

 Home Gym Equipment 

The development of home gym equipment has been remarkable for both sports and fitness. Working out is a big part of sports and getting your body ready to perform on a regular basis and being able to do so in your own home makes it that much easier.

When you hear the phrase “home gym” you probably think of old gym equipment that may not be in the greatest of shape. However, with the advancements in technology, home gym equipment has improved immensely. Equipment such as the Nordic Track Vault, Peloton, and Bowflex VeloCore, has allowed for your home workouts to be taken to the next level.

These pieces of equipment can be bought and used by anyone and can allow you to work out in the comfort of your own home.

Wearable Tech

Wearable tech such as Fitbits and Apple watches have allowed for tracking exercise to become that much easier. This equipment has also allowed you to accurately track things such as your heart rate, blood pressure, steps, and non-active calories burned throughout the day.

These pieces of equipment can also be worn as fashion pieces. Apple watches and Fitbits are not bulky pieces of jewelry. They are rather small and can serve as a nice accessory piece to any outfit that you wear.

To fully maximize the potential of these small fitness accessories, you should be aware of all the tips and tricks that are associated with Apple watches and Fitbits.

Advanced Equipment Testing 

The sports world is mostly influenced by the technology in the fitness world since most sports off-seasons are longer than their actual seasons. However, technology has also helped improve equipment for professional athletes or the average person that is playing in an adult softball league.

The ability to test various pieces of equipment in labs and factories to gather performance data has allowed companies to create optimal equipment for various sports. Whether it is testing football helmets to limit the blow that one takes to their head or testing golf clubs to try and optimize the distance that a certain shaft can give to a club, sports equipment has seen major upgrades.

Sports equipment has seen major improvements over the last 20 years, and it will continue to see improvements if we continue to develop the technology. While technology and sports equipment may have been two opposites in the past, they are now working together to provide a better experience for everyone. 

Technology has made fitness much easier for many individuals. Some may find it a bit intimidating with the new technology, but that is the beauty of the fitness industry. If you do not like the new technology, then you can resort to the old school form of fitness that included a lot of running and bodyweight exercises. Either way, technology has revolutionized the industry and will only keep doing so in the future.

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