A Beginner’s Guide to Bridge Loans: What are they, and how do They Work?

Private bridge loans can come in handy when looking for a quick fix for your business or cater to short-term personal bills. They’re easy to access and are efficient for bridging the gap when you need money but have nothing at the moment.

What Are Bridge Loans?

They are short-term loans a company or an individual secures to bridge the financial gap before finding a permanent solution. They typically run from one to three years and allow the borrower access to funds and cash flow to meet daily obligations until they find a better source or secure long-term financing.

How Do Bridge Loans Work?

Bridge loans, also called gap financing, interim financing, bridge financing, or swing loans, are significantly important in different situations. For instance, corporations often utilize the financing during a round of equity funding to cater to their working capital expenses, including payroll, utilities, rent, and other expenditures. On the other hand, homeowners can use bridge loans to pay for their new home while waiting to sell their old house.

Similarly, startups often face many financial challenges while starting, and the burn rate is usually very high. As a result, you may consider securing a bridge loan to cater to your business’ needs while processing conventional commercial financing. Corporates may also use the funds for renovations. Swing loans are fast and easy to access. However, it doesn’t come without a cut. First, you have to place some form of collateral in the form of real estate or inventory for your loan to be approved.

Similarly, these loans often charge higher interest rates due to the short processing times. Again, being short-term means you have to repay your loan in a shorter duration, and by default, pay higher monthly installments.
If you don’t have funds to pay or don’t qualify for a traditional commercial loan to refinance the bridge advance, you stand at the helm of losing your property.

Bridge loans have their advantages and disadvantages. They are a great resort when looking for a quick fix or don’t qualify for a conventional commercial loan at the moment. However, check the terms to ensure that bridge loans are an ideal solution to your situation.

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