What Every Video Editor Should Know

Whether you are a professional or a novice finding your way through the video editing industry, preparation is the key to success. Having a few tricks in your arsenal could just be what makes you stand out. You could decide to make an advertisement, a movie, a presentation or just a short clip to send to your close friends. Whatever the case you should always strive for quality. Making a video that moves people is priceless. In case you’re wondering how you’ll do this, you can explore various video templates on an online video editor for a start.

But before you make a mark in the world of video editing, take a few steps back and ensure you are well prepared for the task that lies ahead. Below is a list of things, but not limited to, that every video editor should know:

Invest In Quality Hardware

Nothing tests your patience like a slow computer that crashes easily. The video editing process involves working with large files of data, which require powerful devices to handle the workload.

Whether you decide to use a PC, a MacBook, or build your own system from scratch, ensure that the hardware it comes with is of high quality. See to it that the computer has high and fast processing power, has enough storage for your files, and has a good graphics card.

 If you can’t afford a new computer, then you can upgrade your old one. You should also upgrade your RAM to at least 8GB and install a faster storage device (SSD). This will increase file accessibility and make processes like exporting, rendering and loading seem like a walk in the park.

Choose a Suitable Online Video Editor

We all want the best in life, be it in work or play. The current market has a diverse range of video editing software. Rather than finding the best video editing software, which unfortunately doesn’t exist, always opt for software that meets your needs.

You could decide to either go old school and use the trusted offline video editors or embrace the internet and use an online video editor. Regardless of the software you use, you must first ensure it is suitable for all your needs, your work, and above all is within your budget.

While some professionals may insist on Adobe Premiere Pro as the best software to use, it might not necessarily be what you need. If you are a beginner then pick a video editing software that has an easy-to-understand interface. But it should also give you quality results. You can start with a video editor like Promo as you work your way up to more complex online video editor tools. Baby steps.

Familiarize Yourself with Keyboard Shortcuts

A little shortcut never hurt anybody. Keyboard shortcuts exist to make your work easier and just a tad faster.  You can choose to learn the keyboard shortcuts by accessing cheat sheets of the video editing software you plan to use. If cramming is not your forte, then you can buy a customized editing keyboard that is usually equipped with all the fancy shortcut icons. You must be willing to part with a few coins for this addition as it does not come cheap.

Learn the Lingo

Remember when your teacher in elementary school insisted that you read ahead? Nothing builds confidence in a client like a person who knows the right industry terms. You don’t have to be a professional to snag your first client.

Learn the terminologies in video editing and you’ll be smiling your way to the bank. Since you’ll also be interacting with people already in the video editing industry occasionally, it wouldn’t hurt to sound like a professional. Familiarizing yourself with the right terminologies also helps with your learning process.

Less Is More

We all wish to knock people’s socks off with our work. A lot of people, therefore, make the mistake of using a cocktail of features and effects on their videos in the hope of achieving greatness.

You must first consider the target audience of your work and the message you are trying to put across. If it’s a video to impress your friends, then by all means mix it up. But if it is a professional video for a client then less is more. Online video editor tools provide a wide variety of editing features and effects. But it is up to you to decide what your video needs. With great power comes great responsibility. Therefore, learn to choose wisely.


Always remember to back up your work. The ‘321 rule’ is bound to work for both professionals and beginners alike. Have at least three copies of your work in two different locations, one of them being offline. You can choose to work with online video editing tools that use cloud storage. Thereby, ensuring you have backup all year round. With offline editors, keep a copy of your work on your computer, one in an external storage device, and a final copy in the cloud. You can never be too safe.

Final Thoughts

Emanating an aura of professionalism is the first step to dominating the world of video editing. You can easily achieve this by becoming well versed with the industry terminologies. Investing in the right hardware and using software like online video editor tools also boosts your overall image. Remember to save your work as you go and backup! Backup! Backup!


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