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The Reasons Why Mattresses Are So Important

As we all likely know, one of the most important ways that we can maintain good health is by ensuring that each night we get a good amount of quality sleep. This is because having poor quality sleep has the potential to cause a wide range of health problems, such as joint pain and stress. Whilst some people medicate or adopt various practises and techniques to try and ensure a better night’s sleep, the most effective way is by sleeping on a comfortable mattress. There are a number of benefits that come from being well rested, which include fighting off obesity, boosting the immune system, and even improving memory. 

The average person is asleep for one third of their entire lifetime, yet despite of this fact, so many of them are not prepared or have things in place in order to ensure that they get a good night’s sleep and stay in good health. One way of doing this is by ensuring that a good quality mattress is purchased. This is particularly important for those people that have problems with their back, as mattresses are key for providing comfort and support to the spine whilst sleeping. 

Some of the reasons as to why mattresses are so important are listed below in more detail for the purpose of aiding the purchasing decision.

Reduce stress levels

During the two-thirds of our lives where we are not sleeping in our beds, we spend the time doing regular day-to-day tasks, which sometimes can lead us to become stressed out. A highly effective way of combating this is by getting a good night’s sleep. Being sleep deprived has the effect of making the body produce a greater amount of stress hormones, thus further increasing blood pressure levels. For anyone that wants to be calmer during the day, they should get a good night’s rest. The best way of achieving this is with a mattress that is well suited to the individual, such as it is the right dimensions. There is a range of different sizes of mattresses available at Puffy.

Stop snoring

From one time or another we all snore, although there are some people out there that do it each and every night – much to the annoyance of anyone that sleeps with them. The reason why this happens is because the airway becomes somewhat obstructed whilst sleeping. The vast majority of the time, this is due to the mattress being used. For instance, when a mattress sags down too much whilst it is being laid on, the neck and head will not be getting the right amount of support that they need, thus causing restriction within the throat and snoring to happen. In order to sleep the whole night through without snoring, it is recommended to opt for a medium to firm mattress, as this will provide the right level of support.

Align the spine

The perfect mattress provides adequate support to each and every part of the body during sleep. If there is not an equal distribution of weight, this can result in there being too little support for the lower part of the back, thus resulting in the spine not laying in a neutral position or correct alignment during sleep. When sleep happens without the proper alignment of the spin being in place, it can cause a number of different health problems, including chronic back pain. Whilst it may seem that opting for a soft mattress is the obvious solution to this issue, it is not, as they rarely provide the required level of support for the back during sleep. Soft mattresses may cause the hips and shoulders to rest on the mattress too heavy. A more firm mattress stops this from happening and helps to provide support for the natural curve of the human spine.

Prevent pain

The main reason why so many of us experience joint and/or back pain is because of our mattress. In order to avoid waking up and being in pain, a mattress is required that keeps the spine well-aligned at all times. By ensuring that this is so, pressure will be relieved on those troublesome parts of the body and will support a more natural posture, thus preventing pain from occurring.

Stop allergies

One of the favourite places for dust mites to live is mattresses. The problem with this is that these insects cause allergies and with us spending so much time laying on a mattress, it is inevitable that allergies occur in people. However, a good quality mattress that has a highly dense structure stops dust mites from being able to get into it, as there simply is not any space to do so. By opting for such a mattress, it will prevent allergies, such as hay fever, and the associated symptoms, thus allowing for a better night’s sleep.

Minimize the impact of movement

Anyone that has a partner that they share their bed with that constantly moves around during sleep will be able to attest to the fact that it is very annoying and can seriously disturb sleep. The reason why this is so has to do with the motion isolation capabilities of the mattress, or in some cases, lack of them. When a person rolls over, they create motion waves that are transferred into the mattress itself. To minimise the impact of these motion waves, opt for a good quality, firm mattress, as this will be able to fully absorb any and all movement. This will result in an undisturbed sleep for the partner of the tosser. 

Take away

It is clear to see from the above that the mattress that we sleep on is very important given the fact that we do so much of it throughout our lives. What is most important is to choose one that suits the way the individual sleeps. By getting this right, the person can benefit from less allergies, undisturbed sleep, no pain, an aligned spine, less stress, and no snoring

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