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Transform Your Home Security With 2021 Tech

If we could sum up the entirety of today’s internet age with one word, it’d be connectivity. With it, there have been numerous reforms in our everyday lives that were unthinkable just several decades ago. The same goes for your home security. 

In this article, we’ll go over a few ways you can take your home security to a whole new level by integrating modern technologies. 

1. Wi-Fi Based CCTV

An advanced CCTV system is a staple for next-gen home security. With technology, security cameras have not only seen significant upgrades, but they’ve also become accessible to more people in terms of pricing.

The latest models use fast WiFi tech to provide real-time footage on your phone’s screen. With a single tap on your phone,  you can monitor what’s going on inside any of the rooms.

2. Bluetooth Smart Locks

Upgrading your locks is the first step towards next-gen security. These days, there are smart locks that you can with your phone via Bluetooth (or WiFi).

These are smart enough to know when you’re around. The ones with WiFi connectivity allow you to control them via an app regardless of how near or far you are. 

If you’re thinking about leveling up your home security for zero compromises, smart locks are a must-have. Check out this locksmithing blog to read more about them. 

3. Security sensors 

Here’s a unique one — security sensors that you can control with your smartphone! 

With advanced motion sensory tech, these can detect when individuals move in and out of your house. Next time you go on a family trip, you don’t have to worry about anyone moving in and out of your home undetected. 

You’ll receive a notification alert straight to your smartphone. Some models also offer automated sirens to go off if you enable them in settings

4. Biometric Fingerprint Scanners

There might be several keys to a lock, but your finger is one of a kind — and that’s ideal for security. 

Fingerprint scanners are not just for your smartphones, but they’re an essential security upgrade for modern homes. It’s excellent at limiting access to your locked home aside from family members with their fingerprints enrolled. 

Unlike keys, you don’t even have to worry about copies. 

5. Unlocking with Motion Gestures 

We’ve discussed smart sensors with advanced motion sensing tech as a way to detect any unauthorized movements around the entry points of your home. However, there’s another practical implementation of the technology; motion gestures. 

Homeowners can set up secret gestures on these sensors for authorization. For instance, drawing a cross or a circle with your arms, etc. 

Motion gestures haven’t yet become too common for unlocking homes — but that’s even better. A potential intruder won’t even know what sort of tech you’re using to lock your home, let alone the secret gestures!


These days, everything from your door locks, devices, clocks, lights can be connected to an app. It can optimize your energy consumption for max savings, enhance convenience, and improve security. In this article, you’ve learned five smart ways to enhance your home security by leveraging modern tech. 

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