Ways to promote your YouTube channel for more views

If you believe that your YouTube channel will get a flood of followers only if you keep publishing content regularly without doing anything else, then you are wrong. There’s much more to having a YouTube channel.

Simply creating top-quality content and publishing it on your channel is not sufficient. If you really want your YouTube channel to take off, aim at promoting it in the best way possible. Now, if promoting the channel seems intimidating to you, you do not need to worry at all.

The procedure is not troublesome and expensive as well. There are different ways you can promote your YouTube channel for more views and that too without spending a huge amount of money.

Let’s have a look at the tricks and the tips that will help you promote your YouTube channel like never before:

1. Write Informative and Compelling Titles

You must understand that YouTube marketing entails a lot of presentation. The very first thing that the consumers will come across while scrolling through their feeds is the title. Hence, you must give your videos catchy and interesting titles.

Just providing a heading to your videos will not be sufficient. If you go this way, people will just skip through your videos, considering them to be casual. What you must work on is adding emotions to your video titles.

Remember, people always look for entertaining content. Therefore, they will always love interesting titles. This should be your very first step in promoting your YouTube channel, as compelling and interactive titles go a long way in catching the attention of the viewers.

2. Make Sure Your Content Is Worth Promoting

Of course, in the previous point, we discussed that your content is not as important as your titles, but that does not mean people will not watch your content. They will indeed watch it, and therefore it needs to be of superior quality.

Yet again, even if you create the best content, it will not be used if people do not view it. On the contrary, nobody will like watching your content if it is not good. The matter of fact is that if you really want success in promoting your YouTube channel, fill it with content worth promoting.

Failing to do so will lead you into creating lackluster content that viewers watch just once. Chances are they will never engage with the content, and thus they will never subscribe to your channel as well.

It’s very simple to create engaging YouTube content for your channel. Choose the right kind of matter, script the video, record it and edit it. Next, upload the video and add a wonderful video thumbnail as well. Do not forget to optimize the video. It’s very important!

To make things easy, you can always use a YouTube video editor that will help you create stunning videos. Take advantage of video editing applications such as Filmora, and others that are available online.

3. Optimize Videos to Make Them Search-Friendly

This brings us to the third and the most important point of optimizing videos to be posted on your YouTube channel so they are search-friendly. Like people use Google to search for the products they want or learn more about a certain service, they visit YouTube.

Hence, the YouTube channel owners need to follow a few tips for their YouTube video SEO to increase the search visibility of their videos.

These best practices include working on descriptions and titles, adding tags, uploading engaging content, mentioning the right keywords in videos, and checking analytics while optimizing videos after checking the search queries.

4. Collaborate with the Other Creators

You must never refrain from collaborating with the other creators, especially when promoting your YouTube channel for more views. The YouTube influencers and creators serve as great sources of cross-promoting your channel.

This type of promotion is helpful for you and even for the influencers and the creators while expanding the reach of your channel. Collaborations are quite simple. Two or more two YouTubers are working together to create exclusive videos for their respective channels.

You can do this by finding another popular YouTube personality with an overlapping audience. Once you are done with this, reach out to the audience and make a pitch.

5. Run Contests – They Work

Running contests is probably one of the most favorite ways of promoting YouTube channels for marketers and experts. Contests are great at bringing in increased attention but provided they are done in the right way.

If done correctly, contests bring in a lot of YouTube subscribers, and that too without inflating the count of the subscribers artificially. Your content should be planned and implemented to bring in real subscribers instead of mere folks who are there on your channel simply for the contest and do not have any real interest in the products or services you are providing.

It is highly recommended to give away something that is closely related to the niche you are serving. This way, you will successfully keep out the folks who are not genuinely interested in your brand or the service you are providing.

On the other hand, your niche should not matter to you on a very wide scale. Irrespective of the niche you are serving, you must always work on coming up with something really exciting.

For instance, if you are into life coaching, you must give away goal-setting sessions for free or even weekly life coaching sessions for a month, absolutely free of cost. Remember, if your contest prize carries more value, it will generate more interest and thus more subscribers to your channel.

The Bottom Line

Most importantly, if you want to promote your YouTube channel, make sure you have a clear understanding of your target audience. Knowing your audience and generating content that interests them will surely take your channel to new heights of success.

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