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High-end kitchen appliances you didn’t know you needed

As technology continues to evolve and become more and more advanced, the possibilities when it comes to gadgets and appliances seem endless.When thinking about gadgets, the first items that spring to mind are usually smart phones, gaming equipment and musical devices. Although all of these are great, useful and unique kitchen appliances are often overlooked. 

Today we explore some of the ultimate high end kitchen gadgets that you need to know about whether you want a kitchen to impress, or a kitchen that makes cooking more practical.

High-end kitchen appliances

Quooker 3 in 1 Tap

One kitchen appliance that is definitely worth the big price tag is the Quooker 3 in 1 tap. It comes in different finishes to suit your kitchen design and features instant 100 degree boiling water as well as normal hot and cold water. If you want to get that added wow factor, you can even add the Quooker cold water filter making it a 4 in 1 tap that has the ability to dispense cold, filtered water. 

You may fear that the boiling water tap might pose a safety risk, particularly if you have children. Fortunately, the Quooker tap is childproof with a push and turn handle to avoid anyone accidentally triggering the boiling water feature. What’s more, as a preventative measure to reduce scalding, the tap has insulated sides making it safe to handle immediately after boiling water is dispensed. Finally, the tap features a fine flow of boiling water with aerated spray. This is because fast jet water is more likely to spray and risk scalding.  

Steak Locker

Next on our list of high end kitchen appliances is the Steak Locker range of smart dry age fridges that have been specially designed to allow anyone to produce high quality dry aged meat. There is a complete range available with a model suitable for the home, restaurants, butcher shops and even grocery stores. The Steak Locker is the world’s first smart dry aging fridge. 

You may be wondering ‘what is a dry age fridge? ’So, let’s explain. A dry age fridge is a fridge that combines the modern technology of refrigeration with the traditional craft of dry aging. Dry aging was once a method of meat preservation that relied on cool temperatures and the right humidity levels to make meat last longer than a few days. Today, dry aging is used as a method to naturally amplify the flavours in meat. The process concentrates the natural meaty flavours by drawing moisture from the meat, this also gives the meat an unreplicable tenderness. 

Dry aged meat is generally only sold in high end restaurants and is classed as a speciality due to the time and risk involved with producing it. The Steak Locker is an excellent kitchen appliance that allows you to have high quality meat from the comfort of your home. What’s more, this dry age fridge minimises this risk of spoilage often associated with dry aging because of its smart technology and integrated app system. This allows you to track and monitor the fridges temperature, humidity and importantly, the progress of your meat. 

Siemens IQ700 premium oven

If you are on the hunt for a premium oven to complete your dream kitchen, the Siemens IQ700 may be the answer for you. Its sleek design and intuitive operation make it the perfect fit for the heart of any home. It has been specially designed to cut down your workload in the kitchen and expand your options when it comes to cooking. Here are some of the features of the Siemens IQ700:

ActiveClean automatic self-cleaning

With the Siemens IQ700 self-cleaning oven you don’t have to worry about cleaning the oven after cooking. It really is as simple as pressing a button and putting your feet up as your oven cleans itself. The process is called ‘pyrolysis’ -the oven is heated to an extremely high temperature that causes any good remnants of food to turn to ashes. All you have to do is wipe the ashes away and the oven is as good as new. 

VarioSpeed and cool start microwave oven

The varioSpeed and coolStart features make it possible for preparation and cooking to be twice as fast. The integrated microwave assists with warming the oven and thawing frozen food. This means your preparation time is hugely reduced and cooking time can be sped up without having to worry about preheating. This feature is useful as it saves time and energy, ideal for people on the rush who want proper meals but don’t want to waste time waiting around for food to cook. 

Other features of the Siemens IQ700 

  • Cook control with recommended settings to help you create the perfect dish. 
  • 4D hot air and rack pull out to help create the perfect bake every time.
  • Touch display.

Eufy Robovac

If you’re someone who has frequent dinner parties or a house full of messy kids, the Eufy Robovac can make your life more simple and impress your guests. The Eufy Robovac is an automatic vacuum cleaner with smart dynamic navigation and a path tracking sensor that follows a set route to make for cleaner floors. It is specially designed to climb over door ledges allowing it to clean effortlessly from room to room.

You can control the vac using a smartphone app which allows you to check where and when your Eufy Robovac has hoovered. Plus, if the robovac disappears out of sight, you can use the app to locate it. If you want a deeper clean you can upgrade to the 2-in-1 version that has a built in mop for a truly deep clean. 

This appliance is useful for those with a busy lifestyle, it allows you to set a cleaning schedule for regular vacuuming on certain days of the week so it can work hard whilst you work hard, and when you get home you can put your feet up, safe in the knowledge that when you put your feet back down, the floor will be sparkling clean.


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