Poker Club’s Immersive Experience is Now Available on the Nintendo Switch

Poker enthusiasts are sure to have an enjoyable holiday vacation with the long-awaited release of Poker Club on the Nintendo Switch. Ripstone Games Poker Club offers the ultimate experience with the freshest and most exciting simulation ever seen. The game was only playable on PC and the PlayStation and Xbox series since its launch in 2020. But now, players will be able to enjoy the game on the go with the Nintendo Switch.

About Poker Club

Poker Club was introduced last year by Creative Director Phil Gaskell as a predominantly first-person viewpoint social experience that lets you immerse yourself fully in the poker community. With the increasing online community-led nature of today’s gaming scene, the game allows you to connect with your friends and with fans all around the world with poker tournaments for over 200 players. Players can join or create their own club to compete with leaderboards and enjoy daily chip bonuses, all while working towards shared goals. Even better news; achieving said goals can unlock exclusive rewards.

The game also lets you realize the journey to becoming a pro as you advance from back-room games to big-money main events. Much like the greatest poker players of all time, such as Daniel Negreanu, Doyle Brunson, and Phil Ivey, you’ll be able to improve your skills as you climb the ranks in the PCC Poker Tour. Poker Club also offers more ways to play than ever before. You can choose to play classic Texas Hold’em, or try out the Freezouts, Shootouts, Turbos, Super Turbos, Bounties, and other exciting modes and arenas.

Regarding the game’s Nintendo Switch console debut, Phil Gaskell stated, “We’ve been dedicated to making Poker Club the definitive online poker experience for PC and consoles… Coupled with the Switch’s handheld functionality and cross-platform play with PC and Xbox, there’s never been a more convenient way to set up a remote game night with your friends! And with a steady stream of incoming content and updates, we aim to keep Poker Club feeling as fresh, exciting, and personable as the real thing.”

Latest Update: The River

Poker Club developers are constantly creating new updates and exciting new features to keep providing new experiences to their players. The River, the game’s most recent update, was released in April of this year. The update included the elegant Manor House, a brand new venue fashioned after classic British stately homes. Its Poker Nights 2.0 feature now allows players to have more control and customization over their private multiplayer matches, including a highly requested spectator option.

Additionally, it also implemented a new hassle-free invite code system and support for friends lists on Steam and Xbox. The game also improved its user interface and experience and added a variety of exclusive, limited-time community events. And of course, the game encourages players to try and win prizes like custom trophies, new outfits, and table accessories.

As one of the fastest-rising independent video game labels in the industry, Ripstone Games boasts global sales of over 10 million units, and they are committed to the improvement of their wide array of games. Since Poker Club’s launch in November 2020, the team has been hard at work when it comes to collating player feedback from every update to make it the #1 poker community on consoles and PC. If you’re an avid poker player, be sure not to miss out on Poker Club – now available on Nintendo Switch.

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