10 Fun Facts About California


California—also known by its nickname, ‘the Golden state,’ is an amazing place to visit. 

Whether you’re planning on just visiting for fun, for business, or maybe to scope it out as a potential new home—there are a lot of great things to see, do, and experience. 

And in this post, you’re going to learn a bit of ‘secret knowledge’—some fun facts about California that not everybody knows about. 

As it turns out, California is actually pretty interesting! 

So buckle in and get ready for some adventure. 

Here are 8 facts that you probably didn’t know. 

1. You Can Use Marijuana In California

Marijuana is legal for both medicinal and recreational use in the state of California. 

In fact, it’s one of the most liberal states for weed in the United States. 

Need a marijuana card for California? Veriheal makes it simple and easy to get one. 

2. San Diego Is Known As The ‘Avocado Capital Of The World’

Don’t ask us how California became host to the city that is (perhaps self-proclaimed) the world leader in avocados

But hey, it makes for an interesting tidbit. 

In other words, if you like these green creamy fruits—then California may be a great place for you. 

3. It’s Home To The Largest Amphitheater In The Country

The Hollywood Bowl, which is located in Los Angeles California, is technically the largest natural outdoor amphitheater in the country. 

It first saw use in 1919, and has undergone many renovations and additions since then. Nowadays, it can host 17,000 people! 

It’s truly massive. 

4. It’s Home To The World’s Largest Tree

Yes, California is the proud home state of the world’s largest tree

It’s called The General Sherman Tree, and stands 275 feet tall while also being over 36 feet in diameter. 

You can actually visit the tree in the Giant Forest Sequoia Grove

During the KNP Complex Fire, it was feared that this mighty lifeform could be damaged. So the fire department wrapped it in protective aluminum materials to help preserve it and keep it safe. 

5. It’s Home To Death Valley

Yes, California is the home state of the driest, hottest, and perhaps most interesting national park in the country

Despite its rather morbid name, there’s a lot of wonder and beauty to behold in this interesting park. 

It lies below sea level, and frequently experiences long droughts and record heat waves. 

But in the winter, the towering peaks also frost over with snow. And rare rainstorms sometimes cause vast fields of wildflowers to bloom and grow. 

It’s truly an amazing place! 

6. The Internet Was Born Here

Did you know that the internet was born in the Golden state?

In 1969, the first ARPANET message was sent from a UCLA site to the Stanford Research Institute. 

This led to a train of developments that would later lead to the birth of the internet as we know it today. 

And it all started in California.

7. California Was Once It’s Own Independent Country

This isn’t a super well-known fact—but back in 1846, for a period of one month, California was an independent country known as The Independent California Republic. 

It was a somewhat complicated ordeal, but basically—American settlers in the state rose up against the Mexican authorities who governed it, and ended up establishing their own republic. 

But they didn’t realize that the U.S. had also declared war on Mexico—and when the American army seized Monterey and raised the American Flag over the city, the settlers pretty much abandoned the idea of running their own republic and declared their allegiance to the U.S. 

8. People Are Happy In California

According to statistics, California is known for being the sixth-happiest state. It also ranks seventh for emotional and physical wellbeing, and ranks as the fourth-lowest state for adult depression rates. 

Long story short, people who live in the Golden state tend to be… well, full of sunshine! 

As it turns out, California isn’t such a bad place to live!


California is definitely an interesting place. 

And it’s most certainly worth a visit. 

Just make sure to visit all of the most popular landmarks. 

And don’t forget to take a look around everyone’s favorite neighborhood, Hollywood, while you’re visiting! 

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