Tips on how to write SMS copy for marketing

SMS is a lifeline for many as it allows people to quickly send messages that can be used to have a conversation at the time of need instead of during a scheduled time. The following article will list some helpful tips that can be used when writing SMS copy for marketing.

Make your copy conversational

There are three parts to an SMS conversation. These parts are the activity, the conversation itself, and then the goodbye and thanks. The SMS copy plays a huge role in how well the message is delivered and whether or not it will be received. While it would be ideal to have a conversation with all of your subscribers, this is not always possible. 

For example, if you have a long list of people, it may not be easy to know how much time you will have to type out the message and make sure that it is direct and conversational.

Acknowledge your recipients

To make sure that your subscribers are getting the message that you are trying to get across, it is important to acknowledge them. This can be done in several ways. For example, you can say, “Hey, this is me,” and then talk about the message. You can also say something like “How was your day?” or “Look what I found!”. 

The critical thing to remember is that you want to get the recipients excited about receiving your message. So they need to understand that you are trying to start a conversation with them.

Be concise

SMS messages often contain 100 characters or less. Copy that is longer than the maximum character length may be truncated and cause the message to become hard to read. Using this as a maximum character length will help keep the copy simple and easy to understand. Additionally, it will be easier to work within the character length by keeping the copy concise. This will make it more likely to receive and read the message.

Maintain brand consistency

SMS marketing should be a multi-channel effort that should include other platforms like social media and online advertisements. The goal of the SMS marketing campaign should be to increase brand recognition and overall awareness. For example, if a company sends three different messages on social media and through SMS marketing, likely, the end-user will not remember who sent the message in which channel.

Avoid slang

SMS marketing is a great way to communicate with someone quickly. However, when writing SMS copy for marketing, the message must have a clean and clear message. The readers will appreciate a message that is easy to understand. In text message marketing, slang will not be received well as it is generally a way that people speak when they are on the phone or face-to-face.

Make the call-to-action clear

The end goal of any SMS message is to prompt the end-user to take some action. When writing SMS copy for marketing, this action must be clearly stated. A call to action should be placed in the message so that the end-user knows precisely what action needs to be taken.

Use Power Words

Power words are words that can communicate a message. When writing SMS copy for marketing, use these words when possible. Power words can draw the reader’s attention and make them more interested in reading the message.

Test your copy

The best way to test the effectiveness of any SMS copy is to ask people what they think of the message. This method can help identify any issues that need to be fixed and ensure the end-user receives the message as expected.

Avoid typos

Typographical errors are common in SMS marketing copy, but they can cause the message to lose its intended meaning when they are made. Therefore, it is important that the copy is proof-checked and edited multiple times before it is finalized.

Do not overdo emoticons

While it is essential to make the copy conversational, using emoticons can detract from the message. While using emoticons in the SMS copy is necessary, using too many can make it difficult for the end-user to understand the message. Additionally, using them too frequently may indicate a lack of professionalism.

Several tips on writing SMS copy for marketing can help you create effective marketing campaigns. These tips include using conversational language, keeping the copy concise, and clarifying the call to action.

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