How Has Student Housing Changed in 2022?

Student housing has changed a lot in the last few years. In 2022, students can expect even more changes in how they live and learn. Unlike in the past, when on-campus housing was the only option, students now have various choices for their living situations. Most of them still choose to live on campus, but off-campus options are becoming more popular due to the high cost of on-campus housing. The following is an outline of how student housing has changed in 2022:

High Demand for Privacy

Students demand more privacy than ever before since they want their bedroom and bathroom, and they do not like to share a room with strangers. Unlike in campus hostels of the past, on-campus housing in 2022 consists of individual bedrooms and bathrooms. However, many prefer to rent off-campus apartments, which offer more privacy and independence.

They give them the option to choose whom they live with, what type of living arrangement they want, and settle on desired locations and houses. The beauty is that on-campus apartments often come furnished with all the student’s amenities, including Wi-Fi, cable, and monthly cleaning service.

Increased Focus on Sustainability

Student housing focuses on sustainability more than it was in the past. Many colleges and universities have implemented policies that require all new on-campus housing to be LEED-certified. By extension, the buildings are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. Students are also more conscious of sustainability issues, and they often choose eco-friendly accommodation. For example, they may choose to live in an off-campus apartment with solar panels or recycled materials.


Student housing is much more technology-friendly than it was in the past. Almost all on-campus houses have Wi-Fi and cable, and many schools are starting to install smart TVs in the bedrooms. It allows students to watch their favorite shows and movies without leaving their room. In addition, many schools offer online courses, and they want students to be able to access these courses from anywhere. Therefore, rooms have Wi-Fi routers to help students study and do homework in their room without going to the library or computer lab.

More Diversity

Student housing is more diverse than in the past because various housing options cater to different cultures and lifestyles. For example, there are now on-campus apartments specifically for LGBT students. There are schools with varying housing options for students who want to live in an international environment.

The diversity makes student housing more exciting and exciting, allowing students to learn about different cultures and lifestyles. Furthermore, it helps students develop relationships with people from different backgrounds because they all live in the same place. Universities and colleges should continue to offer various housing options so that all students feel welcome and comfortable.

Increased Desire for Unique Amenities

Students have a much greater desire for unique amenities than they did in the past. For example, they want on-campus housing with a gym, a pool, and a lounge. They also want housing that has Wi-Fi and cable in every room. As a result, many prefer off-campus apartments, which offer various unique amenities, including a rooftop pool, a fitness center, and a media lounge.

For example, Grove has taken student housing to the next level through ISU student apartments located at Ames. Students from Iowa University State University can enjoy high-speed internet, a computer lab, and a basketball court, among other benefits. Such apartments have made students’ lives much more relaxed and comfortable than the on-campus housing of the past.

Enhanced Security

Student housing is much more secure than in the past because universities and colleges are now installing security cameras and metal detectors in all on-campus housing. They are also hiring security guards to patrol the campus 24/11, making students feel safe and secure. It allows them to focus on their studies without worrying about their safety. Most students have cars, and they need a secure place to park them. Universities and colleges should continue to improve the security of their on-campus housing to make students feel safe and comfortable to prevent them from migrating to off-campus housing.

Final Thoughts

Overall, student housing has changed dramatically in 2022. It is now more diverse, secure, and luxurious than in the past, allowing students to live in a comfortable and safe environment while they attend university or college. Consequently, universities and colleges should continue to invest in on-campus housing so that all students have access to these great benefits.

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