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Looking For Ways to Boost Curb Appeal?: Try Out These Smart Ideas

Summer is on its way in, and many people are looking forward to more time spent outdoors. If you’re a homeowner, you may be using this time to get the outside of your hope prepared for the warmer months. Most people resort to gardening and landscaping, but why not add in some smart features to the outside this year? In the world of technology, there is a multitude of advancements and products that are perfect to add to your porch or backyard to really make the exterior stand out. We have a few smart options for you to try out this spring and summer. 

Security Systems

Let’s start with the basics. Home security systems have traditionally involved installing detailed and oftentimes expensive features onto a home to help safeguard it from intruders. These days, more and more companies have been releasing home security technology that is much more à la carte. Depending on your budget and needs, you can opt for a system that is all-encompassing or one that is more simple. For example, Google Nest has a variety of cameras and locks that use smart technology such as facial recognition to help protect your home.

Sprinkler Systems

If you’re wondering what a smart sprinkler system is, think of it as a thermostat, but for your lawn. Proper lawn care is important if you want to have stunning curb appeal, however, it’s not always the easiest to achieve and maintain. With a smart sprinkler system, like the Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller, you can essentially install the system, calibrate it, and let it do its thing. It uses technology based on which zone you’re in, how much sunlight your lawn and garden gets, and what the precipitation is like to determine when and how much you need to water your grass. 

Additionally, if you decide to sell your home in the future, this can work in your favor. Use a free home appraisal tool to help you determine the value of your home!


Curb appeal doesn’t only apply to the daytime. Having great lighting for your outside is such an important factor to how your home looks at night, and it doesn’t just stop at nice fixtures. Smart lighting can help you illuminate your home at any time, from anywhere! Choose lighting options that can connect to your smartphone or computer so that you can have control over when your lights turn on and what lights need to be on. You can also set a lot of these up to only turn on and off at specific times during the day. 

Entertainment Systems

The best part about the summer is the ability to spend more time outside without getting too cold. Whether you’re someone who loves to have guests over or simply just likes their time spent outside, a smart entertainment system for the outside is going to be the move. If you’re someone who loves to watch the game or their favorite show, choose a television system that is equipped to work outdoors. If you want to elevate your outdoor entertainment system even more, install a smart surround sound that can be controlled by your phone. With these systems, you can tap into a large variety of music, podcasts, and other applications as well as connect them to your television.

Smart features like the ones listed above will not only make your life easier and more enjoyable, but they can also make your home more valuable if you decide to sell. Try out some of the ideas listed above and let us know how they work for you and your home this spring!

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