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Conquering Real Estate: Promoting your Open House 

Conquering Real Estate: Promoting your Open House 

If there’s one thing that’s happened in 2022, it’s that real estate prices have soared. The effects of the pandemic combined with a scarcity in houses for sales have pushed the average price on property up by 17%. And while this may not mean much to those with funds in the bank looking to buy, it does make your job as a real estate agent or house owner more difficult – albeit, more rewarding. 

Your house on its own is no longer enough to make a sale. What you need is a real estate open house that wows and craves adoration, and the process to getting people to your open house is advertisement, advertisement, and advertisement. If you’re not big on the principles of promotion, then it may be daunting to pull off a successful marketing tirade, but with a little research you too can do wonderfully!

To get you started, here are my top tips for promoting your real estate open house in 2022:

Establish your Online Presence

People nowadays search everything up on the net before making the next move, and the number one way to guarantee credibility is by having a well-designed website. Not only will a website drive your real estate open house’s authenticity, but it will also serve as a precursor for your commitment to the business, reassuring people that you are really in the market to sell.

A website will also drive more streamlined clientele towards your open house as users will be able to gain insight to your listings, helping them determine whether or not it seems like their potential right fit. 

Recruit a talented – and experienced – web designer to take care of this need, making sure that your website portrays what your real estate open house is all about. And of course, make yourself easily contactable via your website – there’s nothing worse than piqued interest with nowhere to go. 

Street Advertising

Despite the numerous advancements in tech and social media, some things remain classic, and there’s just no beating them. When it comes to promoting your real estate open house, the role that flyer advertising can play is simply unmatchable. 

Distribute flyers around the listing’s neighbourhood and be sure to paste some in stores that attract heavy footfall – with permission, of course! While you might think that flyer advertising is outdated, it’s actually quite effective, with passersby being attracted to the visuals, often noting down the information listed. 

Of course, the key to such a flyer is in the design. To truly reel in the attention you need to create a flyer that demands attention, and thanks to PosterMyWall’s real estate flyer templates, you can do just that. Browse through hundreds of pre-made designs that are 100% customisable and downloadable, making your life that much easier. 

And the best part isn’t that it’s super easy to use, it’s that you can design and edit to your heart’s desire without spending a single cent. Undoubtedly, PosterMyWall is the best flyer maker around. And since it’s all digital, you can add these flyers to your email list or post them to your social media as well as around town – it’s best to leave no bases uncovered.


As an individual involved in the real estate sector, you’re bound to have ties with a variety of businesses including builders, hardware suppliers, utility and service providers and so on – and even if you don’t have direct contacts, they’re pretty easy to reach out to! 

Teaming up with these businesses to develop a co-marketing strategy will do wonders to promote your real estate open house. Not only will you be exposed to their existing clientele, but the merging of creative powers can bring about new and exciting marketing strategies that you might otherwise have passed over. 

Of course, before agreeing to a co-marketing partnership, make sure to do your research. Determine whether the business aligns with your goals – both professionally and ethically – and whether they seem like a good fit for your real estate open house’s advertising. Also be sure to check up on their reputation in the market as partnering with a sour name can go downhill pretty fast! 

So, with these marketing tactics under your belt you’re sure to see a rise on the visits. And soon you’ll be taking down the boards and holding back on the advertising because your real estate open house listing will no longer be on the market!


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