City Dwellers: Is it Time to Sell the Car?

Getting from A to B has always been important and such is the standard and range of mass transportation systems in Bangkok and other cities, many car owners are thinking about selling their vehicle and saving a fortune in the process. Despite the Sky Train, traffic congestion is still horrendous, especially during the rush hour and when you calculate the running costs, finding alternative transportation does seem like a smart move.

Special Occasions

Most car owners would bring up the fact that they need the car on some occasions, in which case, there are luxury car rental companies with an impressive fleet of supercars that you can rent for sensible rates. It might be taking care of your parents, or having a driving holiday with the family, renting is much cheaper, plus you don’t have to worry about vehicle maintenance.

Look at the Savings

Selling the car means saving money across the board; expenses you will no longer have include:

  • Auto insurance
  • Road tax
  • Service
  • Fuel
  • Car detail/wash
  • Repairs

Most car owners don’t keep track of what they spend over the course of a year and if you add everything, it is a lot of money that could be spent on other things. You could save enough for a foreign holiday at the end of summer, or put the money towards a deposit when you buy your first home. 

Alternative Transport Options

If you live in Bangkok, there are lots of options, the Sky Train, taxis, motorcycle taxis and even electric scooters. If you are into physical fitness, why not cycle to work every day? Many people commute on two wheels and it doesn’t cost anything to use pedal power. The canal networks in Bangkok are extensive and it’s great fun to explore at the weekends when you can discover unseen attractions like cool Buddhist temples and out-of-the-way gardens. Click here for alternative commuting options.

Rising Oil Prices

We never see oil prices go down and at the present time, there is another price hike, which is hard to bear. On the odd occasion when you need a car, rent one from your local car rental company, where you will find prestige cars at affordable rates, some with unlimited mileage. If you are not using your car because of the high fuel prices, you may as well put the car up for sale and put the money toward a foreign holiday in Dubai or the Maldives. If you run a diesel car, for example, you may have to pay extra tax.

Government Pressure

Governments around the world are trying to deter people from buying internal combustion engine powered vehicles and that usually means higher taxation. Even electric vehicles are costly to run and with a diverse set of transport alternatives, putting your car on the market makes total sense.

Selling the car might be a life-changing decision that leads to a healthier you and the extra money in your bank account won’t go unnoticed.

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