Understanding the Different Types of Customers

78% of customers will do business with a company again if they have excellent customer service, even when there was a mistake. It goes to show how important customer service is, but it must be tailored to each consumer.

To be successful, you must learn the different types of customers. One approach will not work for all, and you may be losing out on sales because you don’t understand what each customer needs.

Read on to learn more.

Pre-purchase Customers

Understanding the different types of pre-purchase customers can allow you to get more sales because you know what areas to tweak. 

Every customer’s wants will be different, but if you can check every box for every one of them, you’ll learn how to get more customers in no time.


Lookers are customers that are just browsing through your website and products and have probably also browsed through your competitors. They aren’t ready to buy anything yet but have shown interest.

Making sure your website is engaging and removing any potential obstacles, such as intrusive pop-ups, can help catch this type of customer’s attention.

It would be best if you also incorporated SEO onpage optimization into your business marketing practices.

Discount Customers

You’ll find discount customers who are only looking for discounts and would never buy your products at full price.

To turn them into loyal customers, show the value of your product and get them to sign up for more discounts via marketing e-mails.

Research Customers

Research customers are looking for the best possible option. They’ve researched your products and your competitors.

The best way to engage with this customer is by having tons of information on your website. Explain your product in detail, and show the value of your business.

Impulse Customers

Impulse customers are the opposite of research customers. These customers weren’t planning on buying anything, but happened upon your website and may make a purchase.

After Purchase Customers

After your customers make a purchase, they haven’t necessarily become loyal customers yet. It’s essential to recognize where they are on their journey so you can help them stick around.

New Customers

New customers have just made their first purchase but aren’t sure about your company yet.

At this stage, it’s essential to make them feel valued. Go above and beyond to provide excellent customer service and guide them through the onboarding process.

Active Customers

Active customers actively use your products but would switch to a competitor’s if they found a better deal.

This is where customer satisfaction comes into play. You want to help your customers achieve their goals through the use of your product, so make sure to make an effort to lead your customers to success.

Unhappy Customers

Lastly, there are unhappy customers that bought your product or service and were unsatisfied with the results. These situations should be handled delicately and quickly.

Explore the Different Types of Customers

Understanding customers appears easier than it really is. There are so many different types of customers, but if you do the work to try to understand them, you’ll be much better off when trying to sell them your products or services.

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